Uber Claims to Turn Itself to an eCommerce in Indonesia

The new plan of Uber to establish itself into an eCommerce in Indonesia is to avoid the rules and taxes rivals exposed to taxi drivers in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.
Uber submits an application to the Indonesia’s investment coordination board assuring to establish the company as the foreign based entity that will be registered as internet portal.
Uber works in a regulatory area in Indonesia along a representative office in Jakarta. By establishing as an eCommerce the firm can avoid the orders that it should register for the licence of taxi that forces it to satisfy the same taxation rules and charges faced by local taxi operators.
The reason behind this move is that five Uber drivers have been blocked in Jakarta as part of police investigation.
Uber claims that the company charges less for their customers when compared to other rivals and it avoids tax as it doesn’t take commission for the rides, but the company claims that it will follow a service fee in the future and will pay all the applicable taxes.
The industry analytics said that the company will not receive regulatory approval to turn itself to an eCommerce as the government of Indonesia is already planning to expand its tax revenues.
For starting the eCommerce business, what they need to have is a licence of a taxi operator instead of eCommerce business licence. The taxi regulation is common for all the firms and all should follow them.

Uber Worry about the Drivers Who Want Full Time Status

Some drivers who like to work in full time are now a headache for Uber as they force the company to stop treating them like contractors. This helps the part time drivers to extend their hours of operation.
Uber drivers get paid holidays and health care benefits in six cities of US. On the same matter the Economic opportunity of Florida Department decides that one of the former drivers of Uber has been an employee that christened them the benefits of unemployment.
This decision is applicable to those individuals involved and doesn’t set rules and regulations that Uber should follow with the remaining employees. Uber appealed the decision which says that the company noted a previous ruling in Californis in 2012 by the same commission that drivers should perform like independent contractors and not as employees.
This may turn to a class action suit and three drivers were against this and said that thay are employees and they require the expenses of vehicle maintenance.
According to the suit, more than eighty percent of drivers love to work in Uber as they are their own boss and they can work as they like. They can control their app but why those three drivers are against this is a logical question.
Is it necessary to maintain the existing labor decision.If more number of employees is motivated to work in full time status then the company will be in the top of U.S employees by its size.

Uber’s Chinese rival makes it tough to conquer China

Uber, the mighty US based ride hailing service is operating in more than 500 cities across the globe and it is quiet famous in Asian countries as well. Recently, it had a successful campaign in India after a nasty downfall in the share market. Also, the ride hailing company is looking to make histories in many developing countries with its features. Uber has a lot of strong local rivals in the Asian countries and China is in the topmost position of Uber’s favorite list. Travis Kalanick’s $51 billion worth company could not entirely conquer the mainland due to its local rival, Didi Kuaidi.
Uber is making serious plans to defeat its only rival in China and top up the record charts. Despite operating in 22 Chinese cities and making over $1 billion, Uber does not see any growth in its market revenues. The critics say the US based ride hailing company is a black market that is making tons of dollars off its users. Strong www.dectar.com/ influential support from important people and attractive marketing strategies make Uber the mighty network across the globe.
Uber might do well and bring home good profit, but it seems to be an epic fail in many countries. Didi Kuaidi plays the main villain role when it comes to Uber China and Travis Kalanick seems to be really bothered about it! It’s time for Mr. CEO to take a chill pill and figure out plans to pick up its pace in the mainland

NYC is not really bothered about Uber’s surge pricing

Uber is the most successful startup in the world and many people like critics, politicians are against its enormous growth. Uber’s got the largest market in the New York City and recently, the mayor has stated the city’s high traffic is due to Uber and other ride sharing companies. But the court has cleared out the allegations and has declared city’s congestion is due to buildings, trucks and other construction works.
$51 billion worth US based ride hailing company has announced to offer rides for cheap fares in many cities across the United States of America. Uber is known for its efficient service and is now looking to grow stronger and wider. However, the critics say there is no room left for the company to excel in the industry.
The US based company’s worst enemy is its surge pricing during any public crises. When there is more demand than supply, Uber charges higher fares from its users and it would last for only few hours. But it makes sure to intimate the users with big, bold and eye popping letters through its smart phone app.
Though there are many haters for surge pricing, the company has justified the feature by saying its good for the drivers and its market revenue as well. It would even encourage more drivers to get on to the roads during their busy schedules and make a good profit off it. At the end of the day, the decision is up to you whether to take an Uber taxi or a public bus!

NYC roads are filled with more Uber cars than yellow cabs

Uber, the US based company was found in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and it has now become the most valuable startup in the world. The company is worth $51 billion, how freaking amazing is that? It is one of the powerful sharing economies and it poses a dangerous threat to the labor economy due to alarmingly increasing rate of freelancers. Also, the traditional yellow cabs are slowly becoming extinct like the Stone Age dinosaurs, not kidding!
Uber was first launched in the New York City in 2011 and it has become very popular with huge market revenues. In fact, NYC has become the largest market and most of the roads are only filled with Uber cars. There is no sight of yellow cabs or whatsoever and kudos to Uber for such a remarkable growth in a short period of time.
According to a survey, yellow cabs considerably take more rides than Uber cars. But most of the New Yorkers prefer Uber to yellow cabs because it is a lot safer and cheaper as well. The company has a lot of features like UberPool, UberBlack and it does feel good campaigns to maintain its fame. It even has a stronger media support for market strategies, no wonder it has become very popular in just 4 years! People who own private cars can now make money off Uber, thanks to the sharing economy. The smart phone app is also one of the reasons for Uber’s phenomenal growth in the NYC!

Business travelers now prefer Uber to traditional taxis

Uber has always been people’s favorite in the past few years and it poses a dangerous threat to many traditional yellow cabs that wander around the city roads. The US based ride hailing company was found in 2009 and it is now an inspiration to many other transport network services. It offers many features that are cheaper than many other services and it is also quick and convenient. It has also partnered with Tesla to buy every autonomous car it produces in near future.
Uber’s potential rival is Lyft because of the similarities in features but it is nowhere close to Uber in market revenue. Travis’s company is worth $51 billion and is now the most valuable startup in the world. Be it a doctor’s appointment or a late night party, you name it and Uber would serve it, that’s what advertisements say!
Traditional taxis were popular among the business travelers but now, Uber has taken over that category as well. Seems like a clean sweep for the mighty Uber! Business travelers take more rides than other users and it would create record breaking market revenue for the US based company.
Uber wants to grow stronger and wider with its service across the globe and now that it has gathered support from the business travelers, it is beaming with pride and joy. However, the critics say there is no more room left for the company to grow wider. Nevertheless, Uber is not really bothered about the statistics and theories!

Uber Will Launch Carpooling Service In Kolkata

The ride hailing company brings out its new feature carpool in Kolkata, that enables passengers to share their cost of the ride.
Through this service passengers are offered with 30 percent lower fares for the rides they take using Uberpool and it also reduces congestion on the roads.
This main idea behind the launch is to reduce pollution, that chokes various metros of the country by bringing out more cars on the roads.
Uberpool provides the facility for passengers to share their rides with those who travel in the same direction, sharing their ride and cost for the ride for at least 30 percent. Most of the people prefer this service as it reduces the ride fare.
People who travel alone need not have to get worried about travelling alone, as Uber provides such a wonderful facility for travellers.
Uber have to develop a Kolkata based app that gives the data related to traffic congestion and traffic conditions in the areas where GPS is enabled.
Kolkata is one of the fastest growing market of Uber and the people who used to prefer yellow taxis have moved to app based ride hailing service as it is convenient to use with affordable prices.
In order to accept the guidelines of West Bengal government Uber has planned to apply for On Demand Technology Transportation Aggregators license.

Uber Begins To Accept Cash Payment In Four More Cities In India

The San Fransico based ride hailing company Uber started to focus on cash payments. The company that is well known for its credit card payment system has now expanded further with cash payment option in four new cities of India.
The cash payment test of the company started in Hyderabad in the month of May but now it is extending to Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Jaipur. In order to use the option, Passengers have to select the cash payment option before they order for their rides.
Uber took this move by knowing that, cash payment is the best payment option for millions of users across India specifically in small cities. It gets tremendous response from passengers for cash payments, but it failed to disclose which areas should be paid for through cash. The company adds many safety features for the safety of its own passengers.
Uber also offers some more options for passengers in India, while the company is well known for its rigid behaviour of getting credit card payments from customers. Other than the cash payment, the company also included a Paytm wallet option that enables the customers to load their account via credit card or debit card and internet banking is also possible.
India is far from Uber influencing market and it is not the only company that takes big moves for country’s taxi app. Uber announces its plan of investing fifty million dollars in a support centre of Hyderabad in a partnership with local authorities.

Many Students Using Uber Service

Uber services are becoming popular in school side, as many school students started to use the service. From services to carpooling, a huge number of families rely on the service to pick up and drop their children from school to home and other destinations. Students feel more comfortable through this service. There is huge competition for Uber as millions of startups use this feature for transporting children. Ride sharing companies are searching for an opportunity to explain people that they can be a substitute for any situation they face in their life including going back to school. Though Uber and Lyft requires their users to be at least 18 years old, it doesn’t stop the parents from letting their children use the service on orderly basis, creating an unauthorized market for UberBLACK and offerings from other ride hailing companies. This practice was not yet confirmed by either of the companies. One of the Lyft spokesman claims that they will not be allowing any unaccompanied minors to use their service. Drivers of other ride sharing companies are well trained to get kids out of school and check in after their school hours. Uber introduced UberFAMILY a ten dollar upcharge for cars that arrive with a seat for child in Washington and NewYork and is planning to explore the service in Chicago. Some rivals of Uber including Shuddle and HopSkipDrive offer rides to children along with a staff of mostly female drivers with safeguards aiming the parents to let their children to use the service. Both of these services are looking forward to expand this feature by next year to other markets.

Uber Launches Its New Carpooling Option Uberpool In Toronto

The ride sharing company is expanding its service in Toronto, despite of the city’s demand to stop its operation. Uber claims that it will launch its carpooling option Uberpool this month, providing the facility for its users to share their rides. Users who choose this service can share their rides with the riders who are travelling in the same direction. Through this feature a number of riders can save their money up to 30 percent for each ride they take. People who are worried about travelling alone can use this service, which gives them a friend who accompany them throughout their ride. It took two weeks to test the carpooling service last summer during the Pan Am Games. The company says that more than 17,500 travellers are using the service. The city council asked licensing officials to evaluate how to regulate Uber and demanded Uber to stop its operation in the city meantime. The company resists as more than 4 lakh riders and sixteen thousand drivers rely on this service. The company says that Uberpool helps people to travel to their destination at cheaper cost and the service reduces congestion and pollution, as more number of people fits in a single car. It is a bad time for Uber as the city stands against this service. The city opposed the service saying that lot of people are using the car service adding more number of cars on the roads, instead of using public transport.